Self-Serve Advertising Network

Pwr-Ads is a Display and Mobile Advertising Network. We provide monetization for website owners and SSPs and enable advertisers, agencies and app developers with access to over 1 Billion users.

Self-Serve Advertising Network

Promote and monetize your site or app with Pwr-Ads Self-Serve, register an advertiser account, and launch a popunder, push notification, banner or native media buy campaign.

Self-serve Monetization

Start monetizing your mainstream and adult inventory today with Pwr-Ads. Utilize Popunders, In-Page Push, Programmatic Banner Placements, Redirects, and more to maximize your eCPM. Guaranteed KPIs for premium publishers. 

Programmatic Advertising

Whether you are a brand name advertiser, app developer, media buyer, or affiliate manager – we enable you access to billions of ad impressions generated by direct publishers and premium SSPs. Promote your brand today with direct publisher supply across display and native domains and apps. Apply to cooperate as a programmatic supply or demand partner.

Agency Services

Looking to create tailored cooperation? Pwr-Ads’s experts are ready to provide you with premium agency services such as SEM, Strategy, Brand design, and much more. Get in touch or apply now to discuss the next step for your brand’s marketing.

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With over 3B impressions per day across different channels such as display, pop, push notifications, and native ads we get you direct access to high-performing inventory from over 80,000 publishers on the Pwr-Ads ad network, with added supply from another leading premium SSPs.


Easy mob’s self-serve advertising network is built for performance marketers, trading desks, and app developers. Our reporting and optimization tools enable you to quickly identify and scale only the traffic that drives ROI for your campaigns. Chat with our support managers to maximize your budget.


Use a variety of cross-platform ad formats and get your campaigns delivering, we focus on the most effective ad units that are built to succeed with a huge variety of campaign verticals.

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